SXSW 2018: Ready Player One, HTC Vive, Pitches, Elon Musk and YouTube

This year we hustled hard and got into SXSW! Last month we drove up to Austin to pitch in the accelerator competition and explore the festival. We were lucky enough to run into the partners of WXR Fund, who were also judging the competition. After a successful pitch we set out into Austin to check out Ready Player One, YouTube, Elon Musk & Jon Nolan's Q&A, and lots of coffee. We documented as much as we could and only hope we can go back next year. 

VR Game Reviews - Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

While virtual reality (VR) is not our primary focus at Future Sight AR we still like to keep up with the latest and greatest. When the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) announced the Reality Check exhibit, we knew we needed to check it out. Check out the vlog below we did for The Tech Founders (formerly S&L) and let us know what you think!

Escape Vlog Series: Barbados

We packed our bags and jetted off the Barbados last month and documented our trip with a vlog series. There are beachfront villas, swimming with turtles, a proposal, drones, shipwrecks, and more clear blue water than one could ever need. Check it out below. 

Hotel: Fairmont Royal Pavillion

Dive Shop: High Tide Watersports

S&L Vlogs: First Trip to San Francisco as Co-Founders!

We went to San Francisco! And went to a lot of meetings! So much cool tech stuff is happening and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Want more? LL also did a travel vlog of tourist stuff to do in SF:

S&L Vlogs: Our First Photo Shoot

This week we recruited a photographer and videographer to follow us around Montrose and get some photos and video for our website (still no private jets or a gregarious entourage in our #entrepreneurlife, sorry) PLUS we reveal an exciting update. Check it out below or click through to watch on YouTube. 

We Launched Our Start-Up Vlog

In an effort to document our entrepreneurial journey in the world of augmented reality, my co-founder and I decided to launch a YouTube channel! There is so much noise our there about what entrepreneurship is supposed to look like, we wanted a way to share what actually means to found, build and run and start-up (hint: it does not include private jets, luxury overwater villas or Chanel purses) . If you want to follow our journey you can subscribe to our channel, S&L, here and check out our first video below. 

Top Ten Expat Podcasts - The Bittersweet Life

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good podcast. One of my favourites is an expat podcast aptly called The Bittersweet Life hosted by Katy Sewell and Tiffany Parks. Katy is a radio producer who has worked for the likes of NPR and RadioLab (another one of my favourite podcasts). Tiffany is an editor at Where Rome, an English magazine based in, you guessed it, Rome. The podcast happens in both Rome and Seattle and covers a variety of expat and travel topics like homesickness, visas, politics, food, art (specifically Caravaggio), work, and spouses to name a few.  They also interview other expats from all over the world and even a few authors. So let's get to it. In no particular order:

  1. Relinquish: Going abroad usually means gaining something - new experiences, friends, memories, but in this episode Tiffany and Katy talk about what they needed to give up (or let go of) to fulfill their respective dreams of living abroad.
  2. Repat Part 1 and Part 2: what happens when an expat goes home and is 'repatriated'. It's not as easy as it sounds. 
  3. Rome: an insider's guide to Rome. Even if you don't have a trip planned it is still to listen.
  4. Reboot: moving to a new place is an opportunity to start over, with a new job, new hobbies, new look and ...and even a new personality?
  5. Dating: Tales of expat dating. Some make it sound more appealing...some not so much.
  6. Trast: One of my favourite escape episodes on a walking tour of Trastevere, the neighbourhood in Rome where Katy and Tiffany live. Katy is an expert at capturing the sounds of Rome and it really feels like you are walking the city with them. 
  7. Goals Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3: bucket lists, to-dos, and dreams that will never happen.
  8. Botswana: An interview with Sara Sullivan where she talks about living in Pakistan and Botswana. Sara describes the expat experience that I am more accustomed to. 
  9. Homesick: Not the happiest topic, but it is always good to hear the tips and tricks other people use to fight off dreaded homesickness. 
  10. The Senses Episodes: Katy and Tiffany capture the sounds, smells, sights, tastes and feels of Rome. 

These are suggestions and if one episode gets you hooked you should go back to Episode 1 "Outset" and start there. You can listen online at or subscribe on iTunes. 

*I am not affiliated with this podcast in any way and do not get anything if you subscribe, I just like the show. 


Travel Vlogs: Iceland's Blue Lagoon

We travelled to Iceland over winter break to exploring. On our first day, we stopped at the Blue Lagoon before heading into Reykjavik and trying some famous Icelandic hot dogs. We chose Iceland because of its otherworldly geography and natural beauty. We were pleasantly surprised to find the island nation is very innovative, using wind power and geothermal power almost everywhere (read: every shower we took was extremely hot). This is the first of five vlogs so hit subscribe if you want to be notified when another video goes up.